#StayHealthy Essay Contest

Open to all Yavapai County high school students!

1st Place - $500; 2nd Place - $300; 3rd Place - $100; Honorable Mention - $50

Choose one of the following prompts. Please limit essay to 750 words or less.

  1. If you were the President of the United States, what would you do to solve our country’s drug epidemic and encourage people to #StayHealthy?
  2. How does social media influence your thoughts and opinions on using drugs and alcohol? What do you wish was different in social media? How could you use social media to #StayHealthy?
  3. How do your peers affect you and your decision to use or not to use drugs? How do you effectively deal with peer pressure to #StayHealthy?
  4. What would you tell your 10-year-old self to better prepare yourself for high school and how to #StayHealthy through the challenges of life?

For more details please view the guidelines for the contest.

 Stand With Me, Be Drug Free Youth Poster Contest

Annual Youth Poster Contest

The theme for the 2020 MATFORCE Youth Poster Contest is Stand With Me, Be Drug Free. Yavapai County youth ages 5 to 18, are invited to enter the contest.

Two grand prize winners and seven category winners will be awarded cash prizes along with up to 50 honorable mention winners. Winning posters will be used in official MATFORCE materials.

Contest deadline is March 27, 2020

For more details view the guidelines for the contest.

 Youth Poster Contest Winners Announced

MATFORCE's Youth Poster Contest is an annual event held to raise awareness among youth about the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. The grand prize winning posters will be featured on MATFORCE substance abuse awareness materials throughout 2019.

Hundreds of students throughout Yavapai County participated in the contest. The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office assists in promoting this contest each year.  


Grand Prize Winners are:

  • Hailey Allred, Age 9, Acorn Montessori School - K-6th Grade
  • Logan Pratt, Age 18, Camp Verde High School - 7th-12th Grade



Age Category Winners are:

  • Kendyll Procunier, United Christian School - Age 5/6 Category Winner
  • Carmen Cox, Age 8, Granville Elementary School - Age 7/8 Category Winner
  • Amelia Stoddard, Age 9, Granville Elementary School - Age 9/10 Category Winner
  • Monyka Hernandez & Jocelyn Sellars, Age 12, Oak Creek School - Age 11/12 Category Winner
  • Nina Compton, Age 13, Franklin Phonetic School - Age 13/14 Category Winner
  • Anjanette Logan, Age 16, Camp Verde High School - Age 15/16 Category Winner
  • Makenna Farrell, Age 18, Bradshaw Mountain High School - Age 17/18 Category Winner

View 2019 Youth Poster Contest Winners

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 Yavapai County Youth Council

Join a youth group that is making a difference in their community!

The Yavapai County Youth Council is looking for students in 8th – 12th grade to participate in a youth-led group.

We want your input!

Have fun participating in

  • anti-substance abuse campaigns
  • media commercials
  • community events
  • youth leadership training
  • and more!

Earn scholarships and service hours based on participation.

Join YC2 today!




Above the Influence AboveTheInfluence.com
The Science Behind Drug Abuse teens.drugabuse.gov
Something Better ItMattersArizona.org
photo of Maggie

MATFORCE Speakers Bureau Bob McBride and Maggie with message “Drugs are For Dummies.”
Watch Video

Teen Resources

Past “Stand With Me, Be Drug Free” Youth Video Contests

Watch these winning videos to learn the many ways youth are speaking out against drug and alcohol abuse and choosing to live healthier lives.

Playlist for 2018 Video Contest winners Playlist for 2013 Video Contest winners
Playlist for 2016 Video Contest winners Playlist for 2012 Video Contest winners
Playlist for 2015 Video Contest winners Playlist for 2011 Video Contest winners
Playlist for 2014 Video Contest winners Playlist for 2010 Video Contest winners


Pizza Box Topper Contest Winners

This database is maintained by the MATFORCE, the Yavapai County Substance Abuse Coalition, as a source of information for persons seeking information for themselves or for someone else. MATFORCE does not make specific recommendations or endorsements regarding any of the resources. Important Information on Licensing and Accreditation

Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

During normal business hours...
Greater Prescott Area:
  • Chino Valley Police Dept.
  • Prescott Police Dept.
  • Prescott Valley Police Dept.
  • Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
  • Yavapai College Police Department - Prescott Campus
Verde Valley Area
  • Camp Verde Marshal's Office
  • Clarkdale Police Dept.
  • Cottonwood Police Dept.
  • Jerome Police Dept.
  • Sedona Police Dept.
  • Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
  • Yavapai College Police Department - Clarkdale Campus
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