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With integrity and determination we, the citizens of Yavapai County, commit to working in partnership to build healthier communities by striving to eliminate substance abuse and its effects.


MATFORCE Congratulates Winners of 2023 Youth Poster Contest









MATFORCE's Youth Poster Contest is an annual event held to raise awareness among youth about the risks of drug and alcohol abuse. The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office assists in promoting this contest each year. The grand prize winning posters will be featured on MATFORCE substance abuse awareness materials throughout 2023/2024.

Grand Prize Winners:

  • Milayna Freeman, age 10, Camp Verde Elementary School, K-6th Grade
  • Abel Campos, age 19, Camp Verde High School, 7th -12th Grade

Age Category Winners:

  • Sharlette Royer, age 6, Taylor Hicks Elementary School, Prescott, Age 5/6
  • Trevyn Alldred, age 8, Taylor Hicks Elementary School, Prescott, Age 7/8
  • Kalyn Lockard, age 10, Homeschool, Age 9/10
  • Sierra Rositas, age 11, Coyote Springs Elementary School, Prescott Valley, Age 11/12
  • Brenna Hassen, age 13, Prescott Classical Academy, Age 13/14
  • Isaiah Hicks, age 15, Camp Verde High School, Age 15/16
  • Emmalee Bueler, age 17, Camp Verde High School, Age 17/18

Grand prize and age category winning posters can be viewed here.

NOW AVAILABLE: 2022 Overdose Fatality Review Board Annual Report

The Yavapai County Overdose Fatality Review Board (OFRB) was formed in 2016, with the goal of determining recommendations to prevent accidental drug overdose deaths. The OFRB recently released a new report outlining overall findings on the cases that have been reviewed from 2016 – 2021. 

For the second year in a row, overdose deaths in our county have declined with an 18% decrease from 2020 to 2022. But an alarming new trend is emerging with this year's data. Overdose deaths in older adults are increasing in Yavapai County. 
"There was a 600% increase in decedents 60 years of age or older from 2021 to 2022: 2 deaths in 2021 to 14 deaths in 2022."
View the 2022 Annual Report for more findings and recommendations for reversing this deadly trend.
View the 2021 Annual Report here
View the 2020 Annual Report here

View the 2019 Annual Report here
View the 2018 Annual Report here
View the 2017 Community Report here
View the 2016 Community Report here

Counterfeit Pills Laced with Fentanyl are Circulating in the Area

ALERT: Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking Task Force

Detectives from Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking (PANT) have been investigating several cases involving pills containing fentanyl that mimic common medications like aspirin and Xanax.

It is important to remember that even a small dose of fentanyl can cause the user to overdose or die and such incidents have increased in Yavapai County in recent months. The pills being found in the community have no visible indication as to their contents. Through testing, many of the pills have been confirmed to contain valeryl fentanyl, which is a fentanyl analog. Varying fentanyl analogs are often 10-100x more powerful than standard medical-grade fentanyl.

As a community we can help stop this drug epidemic from claiming the lives of those we love by talking about the dangers of drug use. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, along with local law enforcement partners and MATFORCE, urge families to talk now, and often, about the dangers of drug use. With fentanyl-laced pills available in our community, it is very important to remember that ANY pill, if not obtained personally and in its original packaging, MAY be counterfeit and contain fentanyl or fentanyl analogs.
View the latest Community Alert flyer to learn more. For more information on opioids visit OpioidOD.com.

Longtime Military Leader Shares Story in Honor of National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

Col. Paul Aguirre shares the moment the opioid crisis struck his family

In November of 2019, the Aguirre family received the call no one wants. The 20-year-old family member they loved so much had died, in his dorm room, at ASU. Colonel Paul Aguirre shares the story of how the life of his young nephew was taken too soon. Colonel Aguirre is with the Arizona National Guard and has proudly served in the U.S. Military for more than 33 years.

Did you know that one in 30 youth ages 12 through 17 has misused over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine for its dextromethorphan (DXM) ingredient — and one in five young adults has misused a prescription drug?

Help raise awareness of the dangers of over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine and prescription (Rx) drug misuse during National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month (NMAAM) throughout October.

Find out more at PreventMedAbuse.org

MATFORCE partners with multiple organizations to promote "Yavapai Stronger Together"

Yavapai Stronger Together

It's important to remember that asking for help is a normal part of life. If you are struggling with stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic and you need help, there is help available. Call 1 (877) 756-4090 and speak with someone confidentially today.


Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

During normal business hours...
Greater Prescott Area:
  • Chino Valley Police Dept.
  • Prescott Police Dept.
  • Prescott Valley Police Dept.
  • Yavapai County Sheriff's Office - Gurley Street Station and Williamson Valley Substation
  • Yavapai College Police Department - Prescott Campus
Verde Valley Area
  • Camp Verde Marshal's Office
  • NAH-Camp Verde Primary Care
  • Clarkdale Police Dept.
  • Cottonwood Police Dept.
  • Jerome Police Dept.
  • Sedona Police Dept.
  • Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
  • Yavapai College Police Department - Clarkdale Campus
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