About Us

MATFORCE is a primary prevention organization with a corporate office located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, but with a presence throughout Arizona.

Our organizational structure consists of a Board of Directors, steering committees and various work groups, volunteers and supporters who work to accomplish the goal of empowering communities in Yavapai County and across Arizona to thrive without the negative impacts of substance use.



Sheila Polk

(retired) Yavapai County Attorney


Tim Carter

Yavapai County Superintendent

Vice Chair

Leslie Horton

Director, Yavapai County Community Health Services

Tara Newman

Director, Yavapai County Juvenile Court Services

Tamara Player

CEO, Polara Health

Bryan Prieto

Yavapai County Chief Adult Probation Officer

April Rhodes

CEO, Spectrum Healthcare Group


Merilee Fowler  |  Executive Director
Ivy Chamberlin  |  Youth Education Coordinator
Sandi Cheney  |  Parenting Education Coordinator
Jessica Cox  |  YRP Program Specialist
Kimberly Gregory  |  Education Specialist
Kelly Lee  |  Program Manager
Jim Loper  |  YRP Program Specialist
Kelly Mattox  |  Prevention Specialist
Clarissa Nelson  |  YRP Program Coordinator
Nikki Rosson  |  Program Manager
Michele Simmons  |  Prevention Program Assistant
Vinnie Sorce  |  Education & Public Relations Specialist
Lauren Young  |  Grant Coordinator


Merilee Fowler

Executive Director

Ivy Chamberlin

Youth Education Coordinator

Sandi Cheney

Parenting Education Coordinator

Jessica Cox

YRP Program Specialist

Michele Simmons

Prevention Program Assistant

Kimberly Gregory

Education Specialist

Kelly Lee

Program Manager

Jim Loper

YRP Program Specialist

Kelly Mattox

Prevention Specialist

Clarissa Nelson

YRP Program Coordinator

Nikki Rosson

Program Manager

Vinnie Sorce

Education & Public Relations Specialist

Lauren Young

Grant Coordinator

MATFORCE strives to work together to build healthier communities in Yavapai County and across Arizona.