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MATFORCE is a volunteer-driven organization. Whether you’re interested in joining a committee, becoming a Community Coach, or serving as a MATFORCE Ambassador, there are many ways to contribute to our mission of building healthier communities.

Become a MATFORCE Ambassador

MATFORCE is reaching out to community members and advocates that understand the importance of educating about and reducing substance use and abuse in our community. The goal of the MATFORCE Ambassador program is to equip community-minded individuals with the awareness and understanding of the importance of decreasing substance abuse in our county. MATFORCE Ambassadors will be empowered to increase awareness and understanding throughout their sphere of influence in order to build a healthier community.

MATFORCE Ambassadors are informal representatives of MATFORCE that advocate for a drug-free lifestyle, and promote awareness and understanding of substance abuse issues that align with MATFORCE policy and purpose.

View the guidelines for being a MATFORCE Ambassador.
Complete the application for consideration of becoming a MATFORCE Ambassador.

Be a Community Coach

The Yavapai Reentry Project (YRP) supports individuals transitioning from incarceration back into the community by offering essential services, information referrals, and mentor pairing. These services empower participants to achieve their goals by providing the necessary guidance and support. YRP also offers classes for families, friends, and community members.
Participants can choose to enroll in the Community Coach program, which pairs them with trained community volunteers. These volunteers provide referrals, emotional support, and resources, helping participants navigate their reentry journey.

MATFORCE Committee Structure

MATFORCE is a 501(C)3 agency with a governing Board of Directors. The governing board is responsible for financial oversight, policies and the strategic planning for MATFORCE.

MATFORCE has two steering committees, the Prescott Area Steering Committee and the Verde Valley Steering Committee.  The steering committees provide guidance and direction for MATFORCE programming that is conducted in Yavapai County.  Members are selected based on sector representation.  Steering committee members are selected based on sector representation.  Sectors represented include area schools, law enforcement agencies, government, civic and community groups, the faith-based community, medical community, treatment and recovery communities, youth serving agencies, media and caregivers. 

MATFORCE hosts three community workgroups, Prescott Valley Illicit Fentanyl Workgroup, Chino Valley Workgroup and the Greater Sedona Substance Abuse Committee work to implement strategies to reduce and prevent substance use in their perspective communities.

The Yavapai Reentry Project Planning Committee provides insight and direction for the MATFORCE local reentry programming.

The Yavapai County Youth Council is comprised of youth who implement multiple projects and give input to MATFORCE leadership from the youth perspective.  Youth are selected to participate through an application process.

The Yavapai County Overdose Fatality Review Board (OFRB) reviews accidental overdose drug deaths in Yavapai County, with the goal of determining strategies to implement to reduce these deaths.  The OFRB is a closed meeting, participation is by invitation.

MATFORCE partners with the agency, Community Counts, to facilitate the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Yavapai County (SPCYC).  The committee works to raise awareness and to identify and implement strategies to prevent suicides.

MATFORCE also forms ad hoc workgroups to address specific needs and or projects.  As an example, the Recovery Day Celebration Workgroup, meets from June – September each year to plan the annual Yavapai County Recovery Celebration.

The Substance Awareness Coalition Leaders of Arizona (SACLAz), a project of MATFORCE, consists of substance use prevention leaders from throughout the state.  SACLAz members work together to create collective impact and to stop substance use before it starts.  SACLAz meets virtually the first Friday of the month, every other month at 9 a.m.

Committees and workgroups of SACLAz include:

SACLAz Executive Committee:  Is a 7-member committee, elected by coalition leaders, to give guidance and direction to the projects of SACLAz.

SACLAz Subcontractors:  Over 40 coalitions, throughout Arizona, contract with MATFORCE to receive State Opioid Response and or Substance Use Block Grant funds.  The subcontractors meet every other Friday, at 9 a.m., to discuss objectives and progress of developing and implementing the toolkits.

The SACLAz Subcontractors have multiple workgroups that assist with the development of toolkit materials, they include:

  • Toolkit Expansion Workgroup
  • Marijuana Workgroup
  • Social Media Workgroup
  • Youth and Young Adult Workgroup

Help us build healthier communities in Yavapai County and across Arizona.