Programs in Yavapai County

Within Yavapai County, MATFORCE functions as a coalition-based organization implementing programs with the help of numerous volunteers and community-minded organizations.

Community Education

Parent and Caregiver Education

Programming that supports parents, caregivers, and others that interact with youth regularly is one of the ways MATFORCE helps increase the protective factors associated with choosing to stay healthy.

Safe Disposal Sites for Prescription Drugs

Safely and easily dispose of expired or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications at 15 locations across Yavapai County. Keep them out of the wrong hands!

Community Events

Workshops, presentations, and events offer community members an opportunity for education and engagement.

Prevention and Youth Engagement Programs

Prevention Programs

MATFORCE offers a variety of prevention programs across Yavapai County.

School-based drug prevention education is offered for students kindergarten through 12th grade in all schools open to Yavapai County youth.

MATFORCE also partners with schools and student leadership groups to provide peer-to-peer education for Yavapai County students.

Youth Engagement Programs

In an effort to encourage youth to be drug free and positively engage in their community, MATFORCE offers programs and contests.

The annual Youth Poster and Essay Contests offers students a creative way to use their voice to convey ways for their peers to stay healthy and make good choices.


The Yavapai County Youth Council is a youth-led committee of MATFORCE that engages high school students with activities and events that make a positive impact in the community.

Trauma-Informed Care Programs

Teachers as Mentors

This is a program that provides one-on-one mentorship and support to students.

Trauma Lens Care

A program that provides support and resources to children and families experiencing trauma.

Trauma For Breakfast Podcast

Podcast channel with honest conversations about the behaviors and challenges of parenting children with trauma.

Support for Individuals in Recovery from a Substance Use Disorder

The Yavapai Reentry Project

The Yavapai Reentry Project was established in 2011 to focus on a key population in the community whose needs were not being fulfilled— those exiting the department of corrections. In an effort to reduce recidivism, improve individual lives, and promote a safer community for all members of Yavapai County, a group of non-profit organizations, government offices, and motivated community members came together to form the Yavapai Reentry Project.

Annual Recovery Celebration Events

Recovery is possible and treatment works. This is a core belief that MATFORCE promotes throughout the communities we serve. The annual Recovery Celebration is held each September to raise awareness and recognize National Recovery Month.

MATFORCE strives to work together to build healthier communities in Yavapai County and across Arizona.