Resources for Parents

Parents and caregivers are a big reason youth that don’t use substances continue not to use. Talk to the children under your influence about the harms of substance use. Remember to talk early AND talk often.

MATFORCE resources

Need Help Starting The Conversation?

Get the facts on substances youth are most commonly using and tips on how to start the conversation at

Support for Families Facing Substance Use

If you believe your loved one might already be using substances, the Partnership to End Addiction has resources and support designed for parents and caregivers.

To get one-on-one help to address your loved one’s substance use, visit their website, call (855) 378-4373, or text CONNECT to 55753.

Are you looking for drug prevention education for students or youth in your organization or school?

MATFORCE provides drug prevention education for students in K-12th grades. View our list of services that support schools, students, and staff.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for persons seeking information for themselves or for someone else. MATFORCE does not make specific recommendations or endorsements regarding any of the resources.